Wednesday, 9 August 2017


In the middle of summer holidays at the moment so chaos reigns at Atticus Towers. Happily I  have plenty to look forward to. Having packed in working weekends after 20 years, I now have pretty much carte blanche for several weekends of the year, thanks to Mrs. Atticus being a fairly laid back sort of wife, bless her. So I've re-joined the Sealed Knot Society AND the English Civil War Society and hope to take up the cause if the common man fighting for Parliament against the tyrant Charles Stuart (just in case you were wondering which side I was on).

This is really exciting as 2017 is the 375th anniversary of start of the Civil Wars, so I hope to make the re-enactment of Edgehill my first event and make as many anniversary events as I can over the next few years. If that wasn't enough, the 400th anniversary of the start of the Thirty Years War approaches, so I hope to get involved in some of the events commemorating that (dreadful) conflict.

I found this on the web, and it's interesting to see a mix of muskets and calivers in the same unit, shot troops wearing helmets, and the range at which they are firing at each other. There are accounts of units touching barrels before giving fire and falling on. That takes some nerve. 

This will involve a certain amount of expenditure, but luckily I kept a lot of my equipment from last time I was in the Knot, about 20 years ago, at least the hardware. Swords, bandolier, musket, shoes....all the pricey things. An order has gone into The 1642 Tailor for doublet, hose and coat, so by the start of next year I should be clad as a volunteer for Parliament ready to take part in the campaigns of 1643.

All this is making me think about starting up my 1/72 TYW armies again, or increasing my 54mm ECW armies to fight Edgehill. Apart from my local battle Lansdown, Edgehill has always been my second favourite ECW battle to study, and I highly recommend this book if you are interested too

All 3 authors were in my ECWS regiment (one was a prospective father-in-law!) and their knowledge of the Civil War is unsurpassed. Happily they write unashamedly with a Parliamentarian bias, which is refreshing as virtually every other book on the Civil War is pro-Royalist.